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We Love Watching Our Clients Grow

Every PPC campaign can help boost the economy. Ultimately, when our clients prosper, so do we - it's as simple as that.
And that's what we love about smart and effective PPC solutions.

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new foreign markets for our clients
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Our Goal?

Sustainable Growth for All

We know that when we give our campaigns our best, they will have an incredible impact on our clients' businesses. Our clients get to expand and sell their products abroad.

They employ more people and grow stronger. And so does the economy. We're not a large corporation. But together with our clients, we can achieve great things nonetheless.

You Should Know That...

We Follow Clear Rules

They help us achieve our results.

Automatization Makes Us Effective

You pay us for our time, we take care to use it effectively. We automatize repetitive tasks. And you won't catch us wasting time on manual data import or report creation, either.

We Work With Established Eshops

You don't have to be the head of a large company though. It's more than enough if you've been in the business for a while and your monthly revenue surpasses 10 000 EUR. That way, we can be sure you have enough data for us to effectively utilize.

We Help You Expand Abroad

If you've invested time and effort into growing your business, you deserve to be noticed abroad. And we can help with that. We will determine which products have got potential, prepare your campaign and make money for you.

We Value Recommendations

We ask our clients for feedback - positive and negative, both. It's how we improve. And it's also how we know that 91% of our clients is happy to recommend us to others.

Our Credentials: We're Certified Pros

Proud to Be Google Partners

as well as certified partners of Shoptet, Heureka and the automated comparison tool Mergado.

Introducing Our Team

Enthusiastic Pros Who Specialize in PPC and Comparison Sites

We all have one thing in common: We love improving our results with each monthly report. That's why we keep up with new trends, always look for areas of improvement and optimize our ads, until they're perfect.

Michal Lysek


6 certificates
So far, I have managed over 200 ad accounts. At first, I learned my way around marketing by helping big clients in a marketing agency. Eventually, however, I left there with a clear goal. I wanted clients of my own, with whom I could personally discuss potential improvements  and aid their growth. My hobby is to make sure that our clients' money gets spent as effectively as possible. Because of that, I'm always on the lookout for new methods and opportunities for automatization or improvement. In Adsvantage, I work as the lead strategist. I'll help you plan your route to success.

Martin Kisza

PPC Specialist

5 certificates
I like working for eshops that grow their business and keep moving forward. For clients like that, optimizing campaigns and raising sales becomes a reward in itself, because every hour that I work delivers clear results. I keep track of all the news in my field, listen to foreign podcasts and attend conferences in order to learn as much as possible. Whatever I discover, I apply in our own campaigns. I'll take care of your PPC campaigns and help with shopping comparison sites.

Jan Lysek

PPC Specialist

2 certificates
I've been a business enthusiast for years now. I trade stocks and keep up with all the current events and latest news. That's also the reason why I love fine tuning your campaigns - I get to put my business insights to good use and you get to make more money. I look forward to assisting you with your analytics and Google Ads or Sklik campaigns.

Adam Kuchař

PPC Specialist

3 certificates
I love to go the extra mile for my clients.
If I notice a mistake, I'll speak up. If I think of a suggestion for improvement, I'll let you know. I enjoy collaborating with my clients and coming up with new ideas, together. My first brush in with marketing came during my studies at the Frankfurt University. It pulled me in, making me thirsty for more information. After a while, I started working for a US media company with broadcasts in 60 different cities. Thanks to them, I got my first proper taste of PPC management - and I've enjoyed it ever since. I'll help you succeed with PPC ads and shopping comparison sites.

Get in Touch. You Can't Lose Anything By Giving Us a Try.

Give us a month. We guarantee that your eshop will start growing.
And if it doesn't? You can always go back to doing things your way.

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