Conquering 7 Markets and Lifting Sales by 565 %

+565 %
7 markets

Conquering 7 Markets and Lifting Sales by 565 %

Do you have a free afternoon to fill? Why not paint a Mona Lisa or create a painting out of your custom photograph? A business called Honkee specializes in just that.

When the Honkee team first reached out to us, they were just about to hit their main sales period. Their marketing campaigns were up and running, but… were they making enough profit? This client knew that with further optimization, they could achieve even better results. And they were soon to be proven right.

At the start of our collaboration, Honkee operated in three different markets, with revenues ranging in the hundreds of thousands of EUR. Today, their products sell in 10 countries and their revenue has reached millions of EUR.

PPC Ads Lift Client’s Sales by 565%
Graph of Client’s Sales

Our Strategy: A Short Overview

Knowledge of marketing systems alone is not enough. In Adsvantage, we always strive to first understand our clients’ business. Based on that understanding, we:

  • Adjusted Campaign Structure
  • Created a Mindmap to Guide Us in New Markets
  • Optimized the XML Feed
  • Introduced Videocampaigns

We also regularly discuss our results with our client and map out the next steps.

After years of managing campaigns, we have developed a custom framework that we have employed to drive results for Honkee, too.

Framework Key Points: PPC Questionnaire, Measurement Code, Set Up and Optimization, New Features, Reporting and Account Development
Our framework has six key points.

Optimized Feed Key for Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns’ viewing rate depends on information from an XML feed. That is why it’s so crucial to have this feed optimized.

We mostly tend to focus on fine-tuning the following parameters: price, picture, description, name.


Google Shopping displays multiple advertisers’ ads simultaneously, which makes product price a key parameter. In Honkee’s case, product prices would vary based on the size of the painting. The bigger the painting, the higher its price. Honkee also charges a premium for faster delivery. We circumvented the issue by hiding the priciest painting options and express delivery rates from the XML feed.

TIP: Looking to compare prices with your competition? Try: Google Merchant Center> Growth> Price Competitiveness


Originally, users could only view the first three words of Honkee’s product names due to a large font. After our adjustments, that number went up to 6. More words in the product name, getting more information to customers.

A detail, you say? Details like these have an impact on sales, too.

When optimizing, we also consider the available budget and the ROAS. We usually remove unprofitable products to spend more resources on areas that drive sales.

Google operates a total of 8 platforms (Youtube, Android, Chrome, Google Maps, …), each of which is used by over 1 billion people. Their data is processed by Google Ads. In order to maximize gains, we focus on attracting relevant customers from a wide range of sources: Facebook, price comparison websites, catalogs, or TikTok. 

30+ Points Finetuned in Search Campaigns

Google processes over 3,5 billion search queries every day, making it the perfect platform to reach new customers!

First, we put together a keyword analysis. Afterwards, we set up and optimized campaigns, following our custom-made 30-point checklist.

What does it contain?

  • Search Impression Share
  • View Percentage
  • Average Cost per Click
  • Costs
  • Conversion Value
  • ROAS
  • Region
  • Demographics
  • Online Behavior
  • Location etc.

We work together with our client to continuously improve their advertisements. Keeping track of what their competition has to offer, we always strive to ensure our customers have a better counteroffer at the ready, so as to catch customers’ attention.

Youtube: The Ads Users Remember

Which type of advertisement is the second most likely to make users recall your brand?

Videoads. And that is why our team utilizes them, too.

When a business enters a new market, video campaigns play a key role in their marketing mix. Videos can convey a message to customers who are not familiar with a brand’s images yet. And while at first, we mainly spread awareness about our clients’ products, eventually we also start encouraging customers to make a purchase. We always showcase the most popular items in the videos.

Another thing we find quite effective is a well-targeted audience. We utilize:

  • Remarketing: We target users who visited the online store.
  • Custom Audiences: We use search queries and previously visited websites to create custom audiences. For example, we may target all users who searched for “Paint by Number”.

We mainly optimize for location, device (where the video is played) and placements (Youtube channels displaying the videos).

We also engage in rigorous testing. We’re constantly experimenting and monitoring what attracts new customers.

Overview of various ad formats on Youtube.
Diverse creative for diverse ad formats. We test out every feature video ads have to offer.Alt Desc: Overview of various ad formats on Youtube.

Boosting Online Stores: Our Framework

When helping online stores get ahead of the competition, we follow our custom development framework. We also add extra improvements later on, in order to help our clients advance as much as possible. What that includes:

  1. Internal Searches for Inspiration

Iconic photographs and keeping up with the latest trends is what makes or breaks a product portfolio. That is why our team often monitors both the search trends at our client’s online store and in search engines, and also Google Trends.

  1. Creating Separate Subpage for Products on Sale
  1. Proposing New Payment Methods

In Germany, customers frequently searched for the wordsauf rechnung”, looking for the option to pay at a later date. Up to 40% of local customers prefer this payment method, along with PayPal, which is the most popular payment service.

  1. Promoting Trust

We incorporated reviews from, which offers online shops and their customers trust-building services.

Review on TrustedShops
TrustedShops enjoys great popularity with German customers.
  1. Testing latest trends

Online marketing is an ever-changing field of work, and we keep track of all the latest news. Just recently a great new feature arrived, allowing advertisers to insert a picture in search campaigns.

Example of an ad shown in search with a picture attached.
A picture makes the ad more engaging. Especially for a business like Honkee.Alt Desc: Example of an ad shown in search with a picture attached.

Don’t forget to check if this extension is already implemented in your Google Ads.

Simple, Automated Reporting

Our results are showcased via DataStudio, where our clients can find many key metrics and tables. The content is also interactive and up to date.

We believe making reports by hand would be a waste of time that is better used to improve our clients’ campaigns. Instead, we use a script to upload data from all advertising platforms into Google Analytics and then into a DataStudio overview.


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